Starts Bad . . . Ends Good

The title needs to be qualified, depending upon the perspective of the one analyzing such Bad-to-Good claim.

For those destined to "end up" (i.e. enter and forever continue) in the joyful and pain/death/sin-free bliss of eternal life in Heaven with Christ, His angels, and redeemed human saints in eternal temptation-free fellowship with the pure and holy, and as to the contrast of this lamentable temporal life here on Earth with what is described in the last parts of the New Testament book of Revelation . . . it will indeed be "bad to good" (and VERY good at that!).

But for those destined for eternal consignment airlessly suspended in never-ending solitary confinement in the outer darkness being tormented with the invisible flames of the lake of fire . . . it will indeed be "bad to worse" (and VERY much worse at that!) -- but, in one sense, God's loving provision for those who lividly and aggressively hate God, His creation reminding them of Him, His Law, and the religious right who rightly obey Him.

But can God the Almighty be trusted to cause such to actually take place?

Why that question was asked is because the Lord Himself created the Tempter and placed not it but him in the otherwise-perfect Garden of Eden, along with imposing the dangerous and ultimately-lethal Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil therein also. And it is God Himself who gave Eve (and Adam) the free will to choose to fatally sin, which choice they fatefully did to the misery, suffering, and demise of all of us up to this today, including yours truly.

Since, not if, God Himself imposed such stumbling blocks back in Eden, how can we be assured that He will put into effect the Heaven-compared-to-Hell extremes mentioned above in the first two paragraphs?

Why would He do it? Is it fair and just and right for Him to do so? Does providing the Contingency Plan of Jesus His crucified-to-death-then-resurrected Son becoming atonement for us if we believe that make up or compensate for imposing the stumbling blocks back in Eden? Does it matter if it is fair and just and right in our opinion, being that our opinion does not matter, being that He is omnipotent and will do whatever He wants to, whether we like it or not, without us being able to thwart or stop Him?

From what I know and believe as to what precisely is "fair and just and right," this author's humble opinion is that God the Creator is quite fair and just and right as to the horrible Tempter/Tree things He did back in Eden and continues to allow up to this present time . . . compared to the wonderful Tempter-missing/Lethal-Tree-Missing things He in His Holy Bible promised He will do in the future.

My pseudo-apologies to any who disagree with me, but that is the way it goes.

If we carefully and/or thoughtfully think about, ponder, and consider how very-beautiful-at-times, awesomely-imaginative, and impeccably consistent are and have been the created environmental entities made and sustained by the Creator God, we of necessity and logic come to the only reasonable conclusion that if God's intentions are in fact as they really are as stated in the Bible composed by His divinely-inspired authors, we easily and quickly ascertain that things WILL get a LOT better in the future than they are now . . . for those who (while tyrannically beset with sometimes-overwhelming temptational duress) usually comply with, and at least intend to fully accommodate to, the will-of-God parameters expressed in Holy Scripture.

But for now, all of us, in this sordid and trouble-beset life, are in One Big Test we did not ask to be put in, understandably so because we were not existing at the time nor around to ask.

But now that we are stuck in it, and have to continue on until the bittersweet time of our mortal demise, we have to make the best of it by doing whatever small things we can not only relating to OUR righteous and acceptable convenience, satisfaction, and pleasure . . . but also pertaining to that of OTHERS who deserve it.

Who DESERVE it, I said. And I meant exactly THAT.

If all we had to deal with was God's natural phenomena and not people, we could get along fairly well. Hide from lightning strike, sunstroke, frostbite, avalanche, hidden crevices, and do out best to escape tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flesh-devouring beasts, and meteor impacts whenever we can. Piece of cake. Easy as pie. For the most part. But PEOPLE are the problem.

Most people (on the broad and easy road to destruction, and destined for eternal incarceration and torture in outer-darkness hellfire) do not deserve to be pleased but instead punished and/or avoided as trouble-causers.

The good guys and good gals are constantly annoyed by and bothered with snotty-and-sneezing-germs-infecting immodestly-misdressed females publicly baring their loose long hair, naked arms with sleeveslessness, nude legs with shortened skirts or shorts, and socksless feet in sometimes-noisy soles-slapping sandals.

They are oppressed with barking neighborhood dogs, reparations-puffed-niggar-uttered rap-crap, sometimes spewed out as boom-boom-bass noise pollution from electronic devices, and thieving-niggar-and-honkie, defacing-with-vandalizer-graffiti, tattooed or pierced shoplifters, frequently uttering f-word and other profanity.

They are besieged with sometimes-horn-honking tailgaters, selfish impatient drivers who won't allow anyone to get in ahead of their vehicles; rap-crap background noise in stores and restaurants, or adulteress-equivalent female-vocalist songsters senselessly and indiscriminately trying to arouse patrons they never met to non-solicited sexual orgasm or excitement . . . instead of proprietors and managers bravely and thoughtfully broadcasting quality, relaxing, and pleasurable easy-listening instumental music.

They are harassed by sometimes-suddenly-demonically-shrieking noisy undisciplined children, along with feminist-sexist-twit women radio and TV reporters and anchors, cops, judges, lawyers, politicians, corporate human resource and execs intimidating with me-too threatening lawsuits trying to pretend that they are men or equal to men.

Such will NOT be the case EVER in ANY way for those blessed who enter and eternally reside in Heaven.

Until then, we live on the precepts of Proverbs, the principles of moral Law in the Torah, epistles of Paul, and more in Holy Writ describing how we should interact with, react against, react for, avoid, and witness to, everyone in the Big Test we all are in and have to go through until death relieves or requites us as we enter either Paradise or Hades, our pathetic self-harmed/others-harmed decaying bodies silently and motionlessly awaiting the resurrected final destinations of either Heaven or Hell.